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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sew Steady Sewing Machine Tables

Sew Steady Tables are terrific! Karen has had hers for a few years and now Happy Apple Quilts is very pleased to be a Sew Steady retailer. Sew Steady tables are made in the U.S.A. by Dream World. As with most fantastic products, someone had an idea to make a task easier. In this case, a sewing instructor wanted a table that fit around her sewing machine to give her a better work area. Her table was so practical and helpful that the ladies in her classes all wanted one too. Since that humble beginning in 1994, Dream World has made thousands of Sew Steady Tables. Each table is made from the highest grades of acrylic available, and custom fit for the purchaser's specific model and make of sewing machine. The tables are very easy to transport and set up and are perfect for taking to classes and retreats.There is a variety of sizes available to fit individual needs and budgets.
The larger tables include a handy clear acrylic storage drawer. Wonderful accessories include a durable vinyl travel bag,clear acrylic spinner rack for more convenient storage, and the Universal Sew Straight Guide. Sew Steady Tables and accessories can be purchased at www.happyapplequilts.com and shipped directly from Dream Works to your home. You can also place your order at our shop, Happy Apple Quilts, 3335 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL.

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