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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love to Dress Up Dolls Book - Play with - Sew for Dolls

Brenda, of Happy Apple Quilts, spent her day off sewing doll clothes to give to
her little twin friends. Now she is hooked, and we are delighted to share her creations.
LOVE TO DRESS UP DOLLS has 12 outfits that can be made from fat quarters.
Brenda sent me this email:  This pattern book is wonderful!  It is very, very “user friendly” and the pattern pieces are easy to work with.  I traced the pattern pieces on “pattern ease” (which we carry in the store).  That way you don’t have to ruin your master patterns in the book, and you can use them over and over.  The pattern ease can be ironed, if necessary, after storage and before use again.  I just love this little book.  The pieces can be mixed and matched to make lots of different outfit combinations.  I am having way too much fun working with book and making these doll clothes!!!!! 
 Summer Dress and Purse
Love the fabrics and buttons you chose, Brenda. I know the floral is Petal Pushers.
The dot fabric is great. Which one is that? Perfect heart buttons.
 I'm not surprised that you made this top and crops outfit, Brenda.
You talked about it the day Taxi by Timeless Treasures arrived at the shop.
 Way too cute top and shorts.
Thanks for showing us the matching bow on the back of the shorts.

Very interesting that Karen is bringing into our shop lots of great fabrics for clothes
for dolls and little girls, too! After all, she now has two granddaughters.


  1. Thanks for the info...I'm making a wardrobe for my grand-daughter in the next few weeks for her American Girl Doll. Looking for a pattern with lots of options since they are so expensive!!

  2. Love to Dress Up 18 Inch Doll Clothes is great, not only because it offers 12 different outfits, but also because different fabric combinations and embellishments expands the possibilities. I'm sure your grand-daughter will love your creations.