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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Yo-Yo Quilts designed by Marcia Layton

Our quilting friends really enjoy Marcia Layton's clever yo-yo quilts, and her newest quilt is now available! RACCOON RIDGE

Yo-Yos and other trims add dimension to the quilt. Round yo-yos are the log ends on the cabin and grace the corner blocks of the "frame." Heart-shaped yo-yos form the foliage of the trees. The bodies of the animals are also formed by yo-yos.

We used Modascape Log Cabin print for the cabin and border. Modascapes Bricks is excellent for the chimney and foundation.

The quilt block on the door is a great touch.

Lollipop Lane is perfect for the coming season. The gingerbread house has an "icing" roof and the lollipop sticks are made with intertwined rick rack. Love the ribbon candy look of the border.

Other designs include Spooky Hollow, Harvest Road, and Lion's Den.

Lion's Den is an excellent child's gift. It's fun to talk about the animals and make their sounds. The alligator's mouth even opens and closes.

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