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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Evie plays Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Karen's granddaughter Evie is crazy about monkeys. She loves anything with monkeys. For her second birthday last month she had a monkey theme birthday party. Monkey plates, Monkey goodie bags, monkey games, monkey prizes, monkey gifts and even monkey clothes! And a banana cake. In the photo is Evie on her birthday wearing her monkey shirt and sitting in her monkey chair.
So of course I was glad that we have a monkey soft book panel, "Monkey See! Monkey Do!. I made a book for her and I read it to her when we skype. It's so much fun to see her imitate me like a little monkey - monkey see, monkey do. We especially enjoy "pat your head, Make a funny face and sing a song. Evie is growing up so fast! I am thankful that I can spend special moments with her.

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