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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holiday Apron

I am so excited about the new collection from Wilmington Prints - Cookie Jar Treats! Remember your childhood tradition of setting out milk and cookies for Santa? This beautifully colorful fabric brings it all back. I especially like the apron and know just what I plan to do with the one that I made. I am going to give it to my good friend who has been bringing Chrismas Cookies to my family for the past 20 years.

I decided to make her apron reversible so I chose an autumn apple print for the other side. I wanted pockets on that side, too.

This is what I did:

1. Cut out the panel according the printed instructions on it.

2. Skip the step of hemming the panel edges, but follow the pockets and ties instructions.

3. Baste the ties onto the apron and pin them flat to the front of the apron.

4. Cut the apple print to a 30" wide strip. Trim the selvage off one edge.

5. Cut a 7" x 30" strip. Fold one long edge under 1/4" to make the bottom hem.
Hem (stitch) the other with a 1.5" top hem to make a "pocket sleeve."

6. With both fabrics right side up, place the pocket sleeve onto the 30" strip, 4" from the bottom (without selvage) edge. Stitch along the bottom of the pocket sleeve.

7. Stitch a verticle seam at the center of the pocket sleeve to divide it into two pockets. Stitch vertical seams 6" from both sides of the center seam to make more pockets. Then baste the side edges together.

8. Lay the 30" strip (pocket sleeve at bottom) right side up on your cutting table.

9. Fold the apron panel at the center, wrong sides together.

10 Place the center fold of the panel along the center of the 30" strip and line up the bottom edges. Open the apron panel and pin together along edges.

11. Leaving a small opening at the bottom, stitch with 1/4" around the apron panel. Clip curves.

12. Turn inside out. Press and top-stitch along the edge.

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