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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Blessings

"Dear Karen,
This is a photo of the flannel quilt I made from the pieces you sent to me in January. I had ordered some fabric and you sent the free pieces for a special child's quilt. I hope the quilt turned out as good as you expected. It is precious to hold in my hands and I will be giving it to Tammy at the battered women and children's shelter as soon as we can meet.
Thanks again and God bless each of you. Nora in northeast TX"

You know that we love receiving emails from our quilting friends we've met at shows and through our website. This one is very special and I am sharing it with Nora's permission. Nora is a dear lady who had placed an order from us quite some time ago. When she ordered again, I remembered that she told me she made baby quilts for charity so I sent her some flannel pieces from my stash.

After serving as missionaries for 20 years Nora and her husband,Don moved to Sulphur Springs, TX to be near their children.
That's where Nora met Tammy Pearson, founder and president of Women Offering Women Support which is a faith based ministry for single mothers and their children. You can read her testimony at :
http://www.chrysalishousetexas.com/. Nora asked Tammy if she could use some quilts for small children and she said yes, she sure could use them. Although Chrysalis House is not open yet (will get a new roof in July), Tammy gets calls from women asking for a place to stay and needing help because they have escaped in the night from an abusive situation, and usually have nothing but a few clothes for a baby or child. People have given her diapers, baby bottles, baby food, clothes, etc. to give to these women but Tammy has to refer them to another county for a place to stay until she can open the facilities. Different churches have remodeled all of the rooms in one wing of the building.
Nora has been making baby/child quilts for several years for Tammy. People give her fabric pieces, and scraps. Lately, she has also used quilt panels of animals, cars and trucks and scenery. When Nora receives monetary donations, she buys good quality fabrics for the quilts so they will last longer and withstand many washings. She usually makes quilts about 36" x 46" and uses the "birthing method" of finishing because it is faster.

Here are Nora's instructions for the "birthing method" to finish quilt edges.

1. Square up the quilt top.
2. Layer the quilt top and backing fabric on your work surface with right sides facing each other, then lay the batting (or white flannel I use) on top. Pin every few inches around the edge of the quilt.
3. Sew all the way around the quilt with a ½” or ¾” seam allowance, leaving about an eight inch opening on one side, big enough to put your hand inside to turn the “pillowcase” right side out. If your quilt is large, allow a bigger opening of 10”-15” to make it easier to push the bulk of the quilt through.
4. Turn the pillowcase right side out and press.
5. Blind stitch the opening closed by hand.
6. Top stitch around the whole quilt about 1/2 inch from the edge.
7. Secure the quilt layers together: Using large stitches, baste your quilt about every 3 - 4 inches in both directions, smoothing out the fabric so it lays flat.
8. Quilt in the ditch if you have made your quilt with squares or free-motion quilt any way you like to secure the layers together.

Bless you, Nora, and all you wonderful quilters who are so generous with your time and talents.

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  1. Since my passion is making baby quilts, this post and story has very special meaning.
    The quilt is so lovely and the story and generosity of the quilter makes your time and talents put to good use.

    Excellent job!