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Friday, January 8, 2010

Meet Cindy McCoy

As a self described "geeky designer," Cindy McCoy has found a way to combine her artistic world of quilting with her techie talents.

Cindy began quilting in 1993 and soon became a teacher and designer. She markets her own original applique patterns, MsDesigns on her website CD Designs. When teaching, English Paper Piecing is her favorite class. I am in awe to learn that her first finished English Paper Piecing project was a KING SIZE Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt for her mother. (Have you read the Thanksgiving Day blog about my very fast, very easy queen quilt project called Stashville Stars? Well, I hope to get back to it soon.)

After five years as a traveling teacher, Cindy launched the online quilt school, Quilt Campus, which now features eleven teachers and a wide variety of techniques and projects.

Happy Apple Quilts has joined her latest project, FindAQuiltPattern.com. Thanks, Cindy for this great and growing site. It is wonderful for quilters looking for original designs and for gifted designers who bring such a variety of fresh ideas.


  1. Quilt Campus is a wonderful online school. I highly recommend it!


  2. I've enjoyed looking at Cindy's site. What a concept! Just wish I had more time. Just two more years of homeschooling and I'll have more time to pursue my own interests. Sharen