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Sunday, January 31, 2010


My busy life was blessed recently by a visit from my daughter, Katie, her husband, Jamie, and our precious granddaughter, Evie. The time spent with with them and my parents reminded me of the special bond between generations of family.
It seems like just yesterday that Mom and I played with baby Katie. Mom shared so much with Katie over the years. They baked pies from the apples and berries they picked together. They enjoyed the garden, flowers, books, ice cream, old movies on TV, hot chocolate on snowy days, long walks on sunny days. Katie has told me that her grandmother is the person she admires most. I was not at all surprised when Katie chose to name her little daughter Evelyn, my mother's name.

I look forward to sharing special times with Evie. I look forward to summer days at our cabin in Tennessee where we can hike and swim and fish and sail. I look forward to Evie teaching me to bake pies. I look forward to reading books together. I look foward to sewing together. I hope she loves fabric and quilting as much as I do!

I think I am just beginning to understand the special relationship of being a grandmother.

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  1. You are very blessed. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures. You'll have to share these pics with Evie again when she gets older!