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Friday, November 27, 2009

My Quiet, Happy Thanksgiving

Our extended family Thanksgiving dinner will be on Saturday. So, my husband and 3 sons decided they wanted to spend Thanksgiving deer hunting, watching football and deer hunting some more. I hate to say I didn't miss them, but I did enjoy a whole day in my quilt office/sewing room. A neat, tidy, organized room!! (please realize that Karen and I have done a lot of traveling to shows this fall - I'm finally caught up in the office.)

Add ironing board, table and sewing machine and my office is transformed into SEWING ROOM. Hey, I've stepped up in this world, I used to work in the corner of a storage room. I worked on a queen size quilt for my bed. (more on that soon)
While the rest of the world was focused on football, I enjoyed delightful childhood baseball memories. Detroit Tiger Baseball. Like other programs, radio personality Mitch Albom's show was a "Best Of" replay. To my delight, they chose to re-air an interview Mitch did with Ernie Harwell at a special fund raiser recently. Ernie was the voice of Tiger Baseball for so many years - including my childhood. And hearing that voice again took me back to hot, sticky summer evenings in the old house (with cheering so loud house that a neighbor called to find out the score) and back to rides to the lake in the old Chevy with all 8 of us in the car.
Ernie has been a huge presence in the Detroit area for so many years. This summer he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Very ill, Ernie still delighted the live and radio audience with his down home charm and whit. Ernie brought Thanksgiving home to my heart. Great baseball stories - yes. But he also spoke of the 1961 Billy Graham event when he gave his life to Christ. He quoted Scriptures which mean so much to him. He spoke of his hope of heaven and deep peace even in illness. He spoke on his wife of 68 years. He gave me perspective.
Thank you. Ernie, for reminding me of the day in Sept 1975 in Marquette, MI when Jesus became my personal Savior.
Ernie has given so much over many years. The purpose of the event at which he was speaking was to raise money for a clinic for the underprivileged. Mitch announced that the playroom at the clinic is named: The Ernie Harwell Playroom.
Thank you, Ernie. Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you God's very best.

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