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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Much Appreciated Comment

This week I posted instructions for making pillowcases. Thanks to alert reader, Laurie Evans, for pointing out a mistake. (See why I need a proof-reader/pattern tester for all my patterns!) Laurie's comments are below in case you didn't see what she posted.

Laurie Evans said...
Good Morning! Shouldn't #1 say wrong sides together? I make my pillowcases this way, but I add a trim made with a 3" X WOF strip. I also overlock all of my raw seams. It takes a bit more time, but I like to do it so that the seams don't fray when washed.Thanks so much for posting this pattern!

Yes, in the first step you should fold the band with wrong sides together. I will make that correction, now.

I also appreciate Laurie's suggestion to finish seams with an overlock stitch. I usually use French seams for my pillowcases. And do try the trim. Just fold the 3" strip with wrong sides together and put it in between the band and body in step #1.

There is another way to make pillowcases in which you roll the body and trim inside the band before you stitch them together. Has anyone seen that method?

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