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Monday, September 7, 2009

Marlay Park

On Saturday Katie, Jamie, Evie and I went to nearby Marlay Park. There are beautiful parks throughout Dublin and it seems common that they are the grounds of historic buildings, castles or estates.

This 18th century house was built in 1794 and its courtyard and former stables are well known for the craft courtyard and farmer's market. Katie and Jamie like to buy produce here.

The 214 acre park has many areas for sports and even a golf course. In the summer there are concerts and picnics. Behind Katie and Jamie is a great view of Wicklow Mountains. A trail begins at Marlay Park that is popular for backpacking and hiking to the mountains.
Off to the side of the house is a wonderful walled gardens. Katie and Jamie had not found it on previous trips to the park and it was a great discovery on this trip that we really enjoyed.
We think this is an English style landscape.
Another part if the garden is separated by a wall that has little cottages built right into the wall. There are fruit trees and vegetable plots, all very neat and orderly.
Apple trees and pear trees were tied to the wall and trained to grow where they were tied. These are apple trees. There is also a small orchard of fruit trees.
Katie and I are standing under a large trellis covered with pear trees. It is amazing the way the trees grow on the trellis.
I hope we have an opportunity to go back to Marlay Park again before I go home. There is also a great little cottage house at the walled garden where we can have tea and scones and ice cream! Plus, little Evie slept the whole time so I am sure she wants to visit Marlay Park with Grandma again.

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  1. How *beautiful* little Evie is!!...
    I'm SO glad that you have been able to spend this time there with Evie and her parents!

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful views of Dublin!
    Pat T.
    P.S. I want to *thank you!*, Karen and Sharen, for the gift of the P&B Textiles fat quarters!! The little bears and baskets are delightful! They will be going into a baby quilt... so cute! *Thank you, again!*