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Friday, August 7, 2009

Where's my emails?

As you may already know, Sharen and I live in different states. That offers a few little challenges in the day-to-day operations of Happy Apple Quilts. We burn up the phone lines most days but email is our real connection. Until yesterday.

It turns out that Sharen has sent me lots of emails that aren't coming to my inbox! She has re-sent them. Still no emails. I am lost without them. Sharen is the real brains of the outfit and I depend on her to keep me on track. So now I must take my computer apart and look for those emails. (Just kidding.) I will send an email to my computer guy. Hope I get his response!


  1. Maybe the problem is on Sharen's end? I didn't get a newsletter yesterday in either of my mailboxes!

  2. Got my email problem resolved. Sharen is back in the loop. Yeah!