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Friday, August 21, 2009


I am finally here!

I arrived at 8:45 am to see Katie and Jamie waiting for me just outside of customs.

We were so glad to see each other.

We made a quick stop at the apartment and then decided to see a few local sites.

We went to nearby Rathfarnham Castle which may have been built as early as 1583 by Adam Loftus who became Archbishop of Dublin, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. The castle was originally heavily fortified to protect Loftus, an Englishman, from the local citizens.

One room was called the Queen's Bedroom. The queen was never there but it was customary for the gentry to have a room ready for the the king and queen in case they visited. The ceiling was elaborate and was decorated with gilded leaves.

The tour guide explained many features of the Greek inspired architecture. Balance, symmetry and impressions of grandeur were very important.

I wish I could remember more from the guided tour. I was so tired from the long overnight flight that even though the history about the castle and architecture was fascinating, I can't remember the details.

The castle is being restored to its 18 century condition.
(By the way, it's really 10:14 pm Ireland time.)

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