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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Evie Report

Evie isn't here yet, but hopefully will be today! Katie has been at the hospital since around midnight Tuesday. It's now about noon on Thursday here in Ireland. I plan to take the bus into Dublin soon and will walk to the hospital from a stop near Trinity College. I don't really know my way around Dublin yet so this will be interesting. I'm sure someone will be helpful with directions. I may leave a bread crumb trail just so I can at least find my way back to the bus stop. On second thought, I can't find any bread around here. Maybe Jamie ate it all. He seems to eat lots when he's nervous. Yesterday we spent much of the afternoon in the hospital coffee shop with Katie playing cards and eating. Visiting hours are very limited at the hospital and I can't be in delivery which is the only reason (other than the wait of epic proportions) that I am not at the hospital. Everyone has been very friendly there but I decided last night that I needed to return to the apartment and get some beauty sleep. I don't want to scare little Evie went we finally meet!

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