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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cliffs, Coast and a Castle

Howth is a coastal town 8 miles north of Dublin located on a penninsula by the Irish Sea.

We drove up there today to enjoy a very breezy walk along the cliffs. It was so windy that I had a difficult time holding the camera steady.

The cliffs were covered with yellow and purple wildflowers.

We saw lots of sailboats and fishing boats.

At one beach there were dozens and dozens of windsurfers.

We also went to a harbor town called Malahide. It was a beautiful sunny day and lots of people were out on the water in their boats.

We walked through the narrow streets.
Many buildings had flowers cascading down the fronts. At one intersection, the buildings faced each corner at an angle which made it look like the streets were at an angle. too, but they weren't.

Malahide Castle was at the other end of the town. It seemed like quite a long walk. We didn't go on the guided castle tour for several reasons, such as Katie's aversion to narrow, winding steps and we were all extremely hungry. So I really don't know any thing about the castle except it's in Malahide.

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