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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day after AQS Show Knoxville

We had a great time in Knoxville, TN at the AQS quilt show and now we are driving through Ohio on our way to Sharen's house in Michigan. Our van is packed to the roof and we have our personal belongings tucked around us and between the seats. We had lots of merchandise shipped directly to us in Knoxville so we are returning home with a full load even though we also sold lots.
Last evening was not our usual after-show experience.
It took us less than 3 hours to tear down and pack the
entire booth which took a day and a half to set up. We were thrilled to find out that a group of volunteers was there to help! A very nice young man named Mike cheerfully loaded a flatbed handtruck full and delivered our goods to the van in only two trips! Thank you, Mike, and thank you Knoxville for your hospitality.
We already look forward to next year's show!

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